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Localization of your business is the application of certain translation processes that enable people to conduct business with you in their country's language.

Now that such a large number of people all over the World are doing business online, the potential for businesses to profit from the international markets is growing all the time. The internet enables businesses and clients to connect no matter where they are without large overheads needed for travel or communication.

Before you can tap into your international market, you need to take the important steps necessary to ensure your business will not just reach people on the other side of the world, but turn them into clients. To do this, your business will benefit from the localization services and translation services we can provide you.

At GCT Translation Localization we offer you translation and localization services (specializing in the Chinese language) that we are confident will exceed your expectations. To give you a better understanding of the difference between our translation services and localization services....

Translation is the conversion of expressions (not words) from the natural source language to the expressions of the target language.
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Localization is the modification of a business, product, content, or such so that it satisfies both the language and cultural differences of the targeted market.
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Do You need Our Translation / Localization Services ?!

If your business is not already targeting potential clients outside of your country, language, and culture, you could be missing out on a major source of income. At GCT Translation Localization we have been successfully providing solutions that enable our clients to expand on an international scale. Our clients have benefited from the following services:
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web site localization
software localization
technical localization
marketing localization
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audio translation
technical translation

Although English seems to be the lingua franca of the online world, as more and more people are connecting to the internet, more and more people are searching in their own languages. More on the importance of our localization consulting services.

GCT specializes in Chinese localization and translation. We are based in Taiwan with offices in China, New York and London so we are well suited to helping Western businesses reach the Chinese markets as well as helping Chinese businesses reach Western markets.

More Info about Our Services

If you have any questions about translation, localization, and our services be sure to visit our localization FAQs section first. If you still have questions about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us and one of our staff will help you further.

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