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Try Babel Fish instead, thank you.
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Taichung office:

GCT Translation Localization
97, Taichung Kang Rd., Section 3, 4F-5
Taichung City, Taiwan
TEL: +886 4 2358-8129
FAX: +886 4 2358-5430

Because we are based in Taiwan, although we have offices in the US, UK, Asia (see our GCT Company page), it is probably easier for you to email us:

Basic Translation Correspondence:

If your enquiry is about a straight translation of a document or such please contact...

Jean Huang
Translation Project Manager

Localization Correspondence:

If your enquiry involves localization of a website, software, and so on or a combination of localization and translation, please contact...

Donovan Smith
Executive Vice President, Director of Taiwan Office

Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing Correspondence:

Adam Zahler
Director of Search Engine Optimization

We also have an office in Taipei although it is best to contact our Taichung office...

Taipei Rep Office:

GCT Translation Localization
495, GuangFu S. Rd., 15F-6
Taipei City, Taiwan
TEL: +886 2 8780-7769
FAX: +886 2 8780-8498


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