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Although English seems to be the lingua franca of the online world, as more and more people are connecting to the internet, more and more people are searching in their own languages.

At GCT, we are able to offer you various localization services of the highest quality ensured through strict project management and quality control. Our localization skill set includes:

Web Site localization
Localization of your web site is extremely important because it is the most likely way foreign clients will find you. We are capable of providing a solution for you of the highest quality due to our highly skilled backgrounds.
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Software Localization
Our translation and software development specialists work closely to convert your user interface to satisfy the targeted locale. This also includes any other multimedia requirements.
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Technical Localization
Your product technical documentation such as manuals, user guides, etc., will need to be provided in the client's native language.
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Business Marketing Localization
Marketing of your business to your new audience is crucial and we are here to provide you with services for both internet marketing (Search Engine Positioning, Emailing, etc.) and off-line marketing (brochures, press releases, etc.) campaigns.
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At GCT we are well placed to provide you with localization services that will be invaluable to the growth of your business within the international markets - online and off-line.

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