Localization (and Translation) FAQs

At GCT we offer localization and translation services covering a large variety of different types of projects. We want to provide you with the versatility that ensures you can benefit from the best solutions possible.

Because of the varied form of localization and translation projects, a lot of questions are sent to us about our services, how we can help with all sorts of sites, worries, and more. We decided to put together this FAQs section that will hopefully answer more general issues.

If you cannot find all the answers here or anywhere else on our site, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also find a Translation FAQ at our GCT Translation web site.

Just click on the issue you are interested in for more information:

What languages can you localize in?
We specialize in English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation. This includes Simplified and Traditional Mandarin Chinese translation. So our specialty is English-Chinese-English Localization. Please contact us to inquire about other languages.
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Do I really need to have two separate Mandarin Chinese localizations?
There are two different forms of written Chinese - Simplified Mandarin and Traditional Mandarin. Simplified is used by people in China and Singapore. Traditional Mandarin is used by people in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Chinese speakers living abroad use one or the other. If you want business from all these markets, then yes, you should have two localizations.
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What kind of 'experts' do you use to consult with?

We prefer to use academics related to your field because often these people have an excellent capacity for both the source language and the target language of your localization project.
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How much do your localization services cost?

The total cost depends on the difficulty of localizing your product (i.e. how specialized, technical, etc. it is) and the time frame you need the project completed in.
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How long will my localization project take?

We ask you when you need the localization completed by and then work out a schedule for your project. The time we need depends on the difficulty of your project and our current workload.
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Why don't you offer localization in more languages?

At GCT we believe in providing the best quality localization solutions we can. We do not sacrifice the quality of our services for the quantity. However, if you have queries about languages you need please contact us.
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How will I receive my completed project?

This depends on its size. We can email it to you or provide you with access to a private web page where you can download your completed translation from.
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Can you take on any localization project?

We will always require a sample or detailed information about what each project involves before we accept so we can see what will be involve. Be sure to provide us with as much information as possible.
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How do I need to pay for my localization?

We accept wire transfers to our bank account. Details of which will be provided to you on acceptance of your project. We will arrange a payment schedule before undertaking your localization.
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What if I want to make changes to my submitted project?

This can prove difficult as it can mean extra work and therefore increase in cost to you and time. We recommend you alert us immediately if you need to make changes to your localization.
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If you have any other questions about our services and how we can work with you please contact us and we will do our best to get back to you quickly.


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