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GCT translation and localization services are based in Taiwan so naturally we specialize in Asian translation; Chinese translation (Simplified and Traditional Mandarin Chinese) in particular.

By no means are we limited to just Asian translation. We provide translation of many other languages. Below is a breakdown of different language translation services we have provided and continue providing for our clients:
(Note. The links leading to more information about each language translation service will open up a new browser window as these pages are now found on our web site dedicated to translation.)

Asian Language Translation
Other Languages

• Chinese Translation
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   ~ Traditional Chinese
 » Cantonese Translation
• Korean Translation
• Japanese Translation

• French Translation
• German Translation
• Spanish Translation
Italian Translation

Because the GCT Translation Localization department is located in Taiwan (with other GCT departments in New York, London, and Shanghai), most of our clients are primarily interested in our English to Chinese translation / Chinese to English translation. Most of our clients fall into three categories:

  • Foreign clients catering to Chinese and/or Taiwanese markets
    The Chinese speaking markets are significant and foreign companies are well aware that they need to employ English to Chinese translation (both Traditional Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Mandarin Chinese translation) services that we provide.

  • Taiwanese clients catering to Western markets
    More and more Taiwanese companies are starting to expand to provide their often cheaper services to foreign clients. GCT has been and continues to offer these companies the necessary Chinese to English translation and localization services.

  • Foreign clients catering to markets in Asia
    Many foreign companies want to offer services and products to the major Asian markets like China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. GCT has provided solutions for clients that require English Chinese translation, English Japanese translation, and English Korean translation.

GCT uses native speakers of all languages involved and wherever possible, we seek consultation from an outside specialist in the relative field if the nature of the translation requires it.
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If you need a quote, or have any questions about our services and how we can work with you please contact us and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. It is also worth checking out our detailed translation web site:

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