Localization - What is it?

Localization is the modification of a business, product, content, or such so that it satisfies both the language and cultural differences of the targeted market.

Successful Localization

The goal of our localization solutions is to provide you with a user interface, whatever form involved, that communicates comprehensively on all levels with your target locale. Successful localization will address the following general categories of factors that should be considered:

Professional translation of your services, products, documentation, web site, and so on.

Content and Culture
Often projects require modification of product information and possibly operation for the target markets. For example, different currencies demand changes. Cultural differences can also play a part in deciding on the way information is presented.

Particularly when software localization is involved, differences in language can mean changes to a product's design and structure. For example, one issue brought up when converting an English language software application to Chinese is the differences in single-byte (English) and double-byte (Chinese) characters.

It becomes clear that top professional localization services are provided by companies with strong backgrounds in not just translation but also software and internet development.

GCT Localization Department

The GCT Translation and Localization Services Department was set up to satisfy the growing demands of clients from both our software/internet development and translation departments. As more and more people like you understand the business potential of catering to foreign markets, we are here to help you on your way. The successes of our localization services come from our capacity to draw on extensive experiences in both the translation and software / internet development worlds. Our services include...

Why is Localization Important?

Most businesses have potential for selling to foreign markets providing they get the professional localization help they need. You will be able to profit from markets that could be just as big or possibly bigger than your local market!
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You Localization Issues Addressed...
Visit our localization FAQ page for more information on issues and questions you might have. It is also a valuable insight into our services.
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