Software Localization Services

Would your software be useful to people who aren't able to use your current version due to language barriers?

Software localization is not simply a translation of your current product into the language you require. Your software must be sensitive to your target locale's culture as well as language.

Software localization involves transforming your product into something that can be used by someone who only understands their own native language. This user must be able to utilize your product completely as it is and in conjunction with other software (versions in the user's native language) it has a capacity for.

GCT's localization services are equipped to take your product and change user interfaces so that images, menus, error messages, and so on are all configured for the target language.
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Of course, all documentation that goes with your software - user manuals, etc., can also be translated into the target language.

Software Localization Awareness

As we are highly specialized in Chinese software localization (but by no means limited - check our language translation skills), we are well aware of how successful localization must depend on the targeted culture not simply the targeted language.

To illustrate this...

Imagine you came to us with a piece of software you wanted localizing for the Chinese speaking market. First of all we would point out that you should be asking us about software localization for the Chinese markets or a specific Chinese market. In other words, we would need to know which country or countries you wanted your software to be used in.

If you said Taiwan, we would then know that certain factors would need to be taken into account. Below are some of the main factors:

  • Taiwanese speak Mandarin Chinese
    We would need to translate into Mandarin Chinese and any audio would require a Taiwanese accent. (Learn more at our dedicated translation web site - Mandarin Chinese Translation.)
  • Taiwanese read and write Traditional Chinese characters
    There are two types of written Chinese - Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China and Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Chinese speakers living elsewhere may use either.
  • Vocabulary is often different from that of Mainland China
    This is especially significant with technological content as typically any concept or invention developed after the 1949 communist revolution has a different word or term to describe it in China and Taiwan.
  • There are other factors that must be considered
    These might include taking steps to ensure the product is politically, culturally, and socially correct. Correct use of currency is also a good example.

More information and Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our software localization services, or other services, be sure to visit our FAQs section first. Please contact us with any questions you have about our services and how we might help your business. If you require quotes you can get in contact with our specialists who will help you further.
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