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Our translation services are brought to you by a team that is fully equipped to provide you with the type of solutions your business can excel from. Whether it is through your web site, your new software, a product you are releasing in other countries, technical documents, etc., our translation services can portray the kind of high quality business image you are looking for in a variety of languages. Visit our language translation skills page for more about the languages we work in.

Our Translation Services include...

(Note. The links leading to more information about our translation services will open up a new browser window as these pages are now found on our web site dedicated to translation.)

Document and Text Translation
This involves straight translation of the source files you send us. We use native speakers of both the source language and the target language to produce the best results.
» More on our Document / Text Translation Services

Technical Translation Services
A little more complicated than straight document translation because we need to be sure that correct technical terms are used for the target language. We draft the consultation services of an outside expert in the field your translation relates to.
» More on our Technical Translation Services

Audio Translation Services
We have provided audio translation services for clients that have specified particular languages. GCT then offered recommendations for the best dialect or accent to use in each case. We have used radio presenter professionals to ensure our clients get the highest quality.
» More on our Audio Translation Services

Software Translation
These translation services are more complicated then any other because there is a lot of technical processes involved. We prefer to refer to our software translation services as 'Software Localization'.
» More on our Software Translation Services

Web Site Translation
Basic web site translation simply involves providing you with translation of your source content. This may be a combination of both Document Translation and Technical Translation - depending on the nature of your site. Our web site translation services are taken a step further when you require a complete translation of content, images, forms, Flash intros, etc. - this is better referred to as 'web site localization'.
» More on our Website Translation Services

Our translation services have been highly beneficial to a a client list that covers a broad spectrum of industries. Taking a look at our client list will help you see just how versatile GCT is in providing solutions to clients no matter what the requirements.
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For more...

If you have any questions about our services and how we can work with you please contact us and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. It is worth checking our dedicated translation web site which has a lot more detailed information about GCT translation services, skills, projects, FAQs, and so on:

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