Website Localization

Would YOU buy from a website that was not in your native language?

For many internet users the answer is "No!". More often than not, people are likely to buy from websites that either are in their native language, or have a version in their language.

The internet is anonymous because face to face contact is not usually involved with purchases or business decisions. Because of this, a website must get through the thicker 'barrier of trust' people have. If a website is not in a language that the prospective client can fully understand, never mind partly, they are very unlikely to go further.

Website localization is essential to generating foreign business. Today, the first place potential foreign clients will look for your kind of services is on the internet via search engines such as Google, MSN, etc (learn more about Search Engine Positioning). If your competitor provides a native language version of their website for a prospective client and you don't, naturally, your competitor will have a huge advantage.

GCT website localization services provide you with the solutions that can give you an advantage over a large proportion of your competition. With our extensive experience in website development, software development, and translation, we are well placed for providing you with a new 'face' for your international markets.

We can provide localization of all types of websites, including...

  • e-commerce sites
  • simple HTML sites
  • sites created in Flash or similar
  • dynamic / database-driven sites
  • sites that are updated frequently
  • sites requiring graphic translation

For more technical details on our capabilities in localization and translation of graphics, animations, and such, visit our web site localization skills page.

Our website localization solutions are not just translations of your site, we provide your foreign audience with an experience of your business that is natural to them in every aspect - linguistic, functional, and cultural.

Website Promotion

GCT has a department dedicated to promoting your website to the search engines and directories. 80% percent of traffic to successful websites comes via search engines and directories such as Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and others. We are able to provide website promotion services in multiple languages for multiple language search facilities. What use is a website if your prospective clients can't find it?
» Visit the GCT Search Engine Positioning website for more information.

More information and Contacting Us

If you have any questions about website localization, translation, and our services be sure to visit our FAQs section first. Please contact us with any questions you have about our services and how we might help your business. If you require quotes you can get in contact with our specialists who will help you further.
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